Phone Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Best Rank’s call tracking system is an industry-leading call tracking technology. Phone call tracking systems allow you to track the source of incoming calls and determine which marketing efforts are most effective.

There are several benefits gained by utilizing a call tracking system:

  • By using our phone call tracking software, you can measure the performance of your company’s website and other marketing methods by tracking consumer phone calls and determining from which source the calls originated.
  • You can record phone calls to ensure that your sales reps are saying the right things.
  • All of this can help maximize your company’s marketing efforts, possibly cut costs, improve the overall service of your company, and ultimately improve your company’s overall performance.

Tracking Phone Calls

Phone call tracking is accomplished by embedding unique trackable phone numbers designated by your company into the content of your websites, search engine ads, pay per click ads, display media, radio or television ads, etc. Consumers see and call the unique phone numbers, but the call tracking software transparently routes the phone calls to another number designated by your company. In other words, all incoming calls are routed from various phone numbers to your company’s designated phone number. During this process, the call tracking software determines exactly where the calls originated from, thereby allowing you to determine which advertising source the caller used to call your company.

The call routing is accomplished unbeknownst to the caller. Thus, anyone who telephones your company via your website, pay per click ad, television ad, radio ad, or any other advertising source only sees the number they called. The call tracking software then produces reports, which include the origin of the call, the time of the call, and the duration of the call. More advanced reports may also include the caller’s phone number, the caller’s name, and other pertinent information. The call tracking reports enable you and your company to determine the advertising source of the tracked calls, which will enable your company to evaluate which marketing and advertising sources are generating the best leads, the most leads, the least leads, etc. This is extremely beneficial since it can result in cutting costs, refiguring marketing efforts, changing business plans, and more.

Call Recording

Another benefit, which is commonly overlooked, is recording the phone call. This can be used to help evaluate company performance and assess and improve customer service. For example, your company can listen to the recorded, tracked calls and evaluate how your sales staff and customer service representatives are handling calls. Your company can analyze whether the call turned into a sale, whether the person answering the phone did a good job, whether the customer was able to get the information they were seeking, and whether the call was handled efficiently and effectively. This may guarantee prompt, effective service by your company and provide an avenue for resolving disputes between callers and customer service or sales representatives.

The bottom line of call tracking systems is that utilizing the call tracking software takes the guess work out of marketing by determining which marketing efforts are generating the most traffic. By taking the guess work out of marketing, call tracking systems can increase company productivity, increase customer satisfaction, result in better business practices, lead to company cost reductions, and increase overall company performance. In an industry where search engine optimization (SEO) tools or social media optimization (SMO) tools can develop unlimited leads, the ability to convert these leads into more valuable phone calls and the ability to track calls is an imperative tool to have. In order for you and your company to gain an advantage in Internet marketing and other advertising, you should take part in this revolutionary call tracking system today.

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