Drupal Web Design & Development

Drupal’s web design features have made it one of the most used and trusted content management systems today. Drupal serves as the web application framework for thousands of websites belonging to individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, government groups and educational institutions throughout the world. Whether used for corporate websites, intranets, ecommerce sites or social networking sites, Drupal provides a flexible, easy-to-use, SEO friendly content management that fits your company’s needs.

The Open Source Advantage

One of the things that has made Drupal so popular among web developers everywhere is that it is an open source CMS. This means the code for the Drupal system is freely available for anyone to use and modify as they see fit. It also means that developers don’t have to worry about paying for licensing fees or being locked into the modules of a single vendor.

Drupal’s website design solutions are a powerful low-cost, high-value alternative to traditional content management systems. Drupal is supported by a huge community of passionate web developers who are constantly working to enhance the features and functionality of Drupal’s core system. This means you can create a fully customized management system that you can change or modify whenever needed.  It also means that you’ll have a huge online community of web developers that you can turn to if there is ever a problem with the system. Problems in the Drupal CMS tend to be solved much more quickly and efficiently than in any other CMS on the market simply because it is open source.

Drupal Security

Security is always a big issue when it comes to web development. Drupal has a reliable security team dedicated to resolving reported issues and regularly reviewing code for potential security flaws. When a security issue is detected in any given Drupal feature or module, it’s usually fixed within a matter of hours and a new, safer package is created and uploaded to replace the old one.

Flexibility and Expandability

Building an impressive website is easy to do with Drupal, whether you’re starting from scratch or re-building a website with pre-existing content. Maintaining a Drupal site requires little programming knowledge, allowing you to add features like menus and web applications directly onto your site in a way that’s simple and efficient.

Drupal’s meticulously designed code allows for great flexibility when it comes to designing and modifying applications. Drupal developers can channel the system’s resources to wherever they’re needed. You can create, organize and display dynamic web content and links, via an easy to use interface system of primary navigation menus and sub menus.


There are many useful modules on Drupal that you can implement into your site as you see fit. Examples of these include Page Title and Meta Tag modules that automatically let you control the content of your title tags and Meta tags. Enabling the Page Title and Meta Tag modules allows you to insert keyword terms that will make it easier for both users and search engines to navigate through your site. There are also features like the search module. All of the content put into Drupal gets fully indexed and can be searched using the Drupal search module, which visitors to your site are sure to appreciate, as it means they can quickly and efficiently find exactly the information they need.

SEO Friendliness

One of the great things about Drupal web development is that the Drupal CMS comes already equipped with all the tools and features you need to easily implement good SEO practices. Using Drupal on your site does not automatically guarantee SEO success, but Drupal is SEO friendly and does allow for better content organization and navigation.

For example, Drupal comes equipped with a comprehensive and search engine friendly site map module. Whether your website is big or small, the sitemap will be an important aspect of it in terms of SEO. Drupal lets you create comprehensive dynamic maps with clear links and pathways through which search engine spiders can easily comb. Making it easy for engines to index your website’s content means you’ll be helping improve your ranking in search engine results pages.

Drupal also comes equipped with a clean URLs feature that lets you create search engine friendly URLs rather than the default systems URLs, which don’t let you input keywords or phrases. There is also a global redirect feature that lets you set up permanent redirects to your clean URL aliases, thus avoiding being penalized by the major search engines for having duplicate URLs.

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