Organic SEO Click Distribution Calculator

This tool estimates the amount of click traffic your site could receive from ranking at positions 1-10 in Google in one of two ways:

  • You can either calculate estimated clicks by entering your current keyword ranking and traffic volume
  • or simply enter the total number of searches for a particular keyword for any interval you desire (day, month, etc.) and you’ll get a break down of how many clicks each position on Google receives… this is good if you take data from the Google keyword tool and plug in here to see how many more clicks you could be getting!

Click distribution results (traffic volume and revenue, optionally) are estimated using a distribution model taken from a set of leaked AOL data in 2006. We also know AOL’s search is (and was at the time) powered by Google. You can find the leaked data mirrored here, it has ~20 million web queries collected from 650K web users over three months. You can also read all about the leak scandal… and other scary points in the data.

Current rank      Current # of clicks

... or try current # searches for your keyword

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