Anchor Text Analysis

Advantages: This web-based tool is good to quickly eyeball or research what keywords are being used in a website’s backlink anchor text. Data is taken from

Update: Backlinkwatch apparently won’t accept posts from third party sites so you just have to go to it directly and type in your domain name.  There are some annoying popups that you need to ignore but the data you get once you get passed them is still pretty good.

Why this tool is important: The keyword(s) contained within in the anchor text of a hyperlink (backlink) referencing a website are directly correlated to how well that website ranks for the keyword(s). The tool can be great for keyword research and reverse engineering your competition’s strategy, if you don’t already use a paid program such as Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO.

Limitations: Slow, some spammy popups and includes links from onsite.

NOTE: there is no tool on the web that will give you a 100% accurate representation of the exact amount of links on the web for a particular domain and this tool is no exception. We’ve found that sometimes backlinkwatch will report less links than Yahoo!’s Site Explorer. Try our backlink checker for a more accurate number of links to your site.

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