Inheritance Funding Company - SEO & Website Design

The Company:


Inheritance Funding Company (IFC) is one of the top probate advance companies in the industry. They offer advance money to people who are expecting an inheritance. IFC has a great team of attorneys and it is very focused on marketing its services through various channels.

The Problem:

IFC’s site (when Best Rank first took over the campaign) was good, but not great. There were a lot of small issues with the site and it was missing most of the key attributes that lead to good search rankings. The domain is fairly authoritative; it is aged well and has a good number of backlinks.

IFC was spending a great deal of money each month on pay per click (PPC) marketing on both Google and Yahoo!. When we first looked at the PPC campaigns we noticed that IFC was spending a lot of money on very broad terms (e.g. “inheritance” and “probate”) vs. more targeted terms (e.g. “inheritance advance”). The clickthrough rates (CTR) were good, but the conversions were very low for the broad keyword terms. IFC was spending a lot of money and not getting many conversions. The conversions they were getting were low-quality and from people who really didn’t understand the offering. We also noticed that the form page on IFC’s site had a lot of bounces (people leaving once they got to the form).
IFC’s sales staff was getting frustrated with the low-quality leads; their sales ratio was approximately 10:1 (they closed about 1 out of every 10 leads), or about 10%. Clearly IFC’s PPC strategy was driving the traffic but it was not resulting in quality leads and the cost per acquisition was spiraling out of control.

IFC was also not showing up in the organic listings for relevant keyword terms. Their organic traffic was essentially non-existent. IFC had also duplicated many pages on its site for the PPC campaign, which resulted in lots of duplicate content issues (which is not good).

The Solution:

IFC hired Best Rank to implement a full SEO campaign and to help design and build a new, modern website that is aimed at conversion. Best Rank implemented its proprietary methodology into IFC’s website.

  • Best Rank worked closely with IFC’s marketing manager to identify the highest traffic keyword terms that have the most relevancy to IFC’s services.
  • Best Rank used the extensive data contained in the PPC campaigns to prune keyword lists and to eliminate keyword choices that didn’t have either a high time onsite or a high conversion rate.
  • Best Rank implemented all of the critical on-page SEO factors, which IFC was missing, into the new website.
  • Best Rank ensured that all PPC campaign pages were not duplicated throughout the site and were specific to the desired ad group.
  • After moving through the methodology and getting past the initial technical SEO phases, Best Rank implemented its proven link building and promotion tactics into IFC’s campaign.
  • Best Rank launched a WordPress blog on IFC’s site and implemented a social media campaign.

The Results:

Google Organic Rankings: Total Keyword Progress – November 2007 to March 2009
Notice that nearly every keyword is on the first page. Some of the keywords that are not on the first page were added recently, due to a campaign expansion, and will soon reach the top of the results.
IFC Google Rankings

Yahoo Organic Rankings: Total Keyword Progress – November 2007 to March 2009
Notice that every keyword is on the first page.
IFC Yahoo Rankings

MSN Organic Rankings: Total Keyword Progress – November 2007 to March 2009
Notice that every keyword is on the first page.
IFC MSN Rankings